Why I Was Wrong To Stop Writing On This Blog

[ First published on June 28, 2015 ]

Note: I debated for months whether I should reupload this particular post. I don’t honestly like seeing how weak I am, but this is something I keep telling myself I should do for my future self. So, my dear reader, one of my many moments of weakness: 


I made the mistake of denying my emotions, believing that if I don’t deal with them head on, they would go away.

“On the contrary, iha, you gave your emotions more power over you,” my counselor told me.

I wanted this cancer blog to reflect only the good things throughout my treatment (and my life following it). What I didn’t realize, however, is that if I kept writing both the good and the bad, I could be looking back today at everything I’ve written and see how far I’ve progressed. That, by itself, is something that I should celebrate.

I realize that only in hindsight would I be able to appreciate the process that I went through and the small triumphs that I was too blind to see at the time. So here I am again, writing.

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