I was diagnosed of Hodgkins Lymphoma in September 2013.

Officially in remission, September 2016.


Actually, I ended my radiation therapy in December 2015, so technically, I’ve been relatively free for quite some time now.

But I had my post-treatment CT scan last August, the photo of which is above, and I needed my oncologist to say the word “remission”.

That day was the first of September 2016. And like I said on my Facebook account, I need that date tattooed on me.

Huge HUGE weight off my shoulders.

The blog posts from this point forward are all going to be new. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write more about my cancer journey as I look at it in retrospect.

Random Thoughts While Reuploading Old Posts

  • I miss my dot com website. I used to run the now-defunct, but changes need to happen
  • I realize I’ve only written five articles on that site, three of which I’m reuploading here
  • Do I regret not writing much about my cancer journey back then? Not really. The situation was different then and now. Even if I go back in time, I would still find it grueling to write about my experiences then
  • Because that kind of thing happens–experiences get too horrific difficult for words
  • It’s AMAZING to see how far I’ve come since I was diagnosed in 2013

Now back to reuploading the last post.